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To buy anything in general you can save by following the below tips

  1. To save money: compare stores prices
          Comparing prices is an easy matter because you have to compares different       brands prices with different features. The more money you are going to spend the more comparison you should make. You have to decide for your self on what features works for you and what features you can live without. Establish a budget for yourself and set up the maximum price you are ready to pay. Always keep in mind the following points:
    1. Track the prices: Watch the newspaper ads for 2 or 3 months, or visit different stores’ websites to compare and record prices before you buy.
    2. Delivery, assembly and Installation fees: Buying big equipments require sometimes extra fees for installation, assembly and delivery, make sure you include those fees in the price when you do the comparison
    3. The cost of owning and maintaining items: Some items that you buy require maintenance such as a large screen TV. You should consider the extra maintenance fees and parts’ prices when the warranty expires.
    4. Cost of Running: Almost every item we buy costs us extra fees to make it run. For example comparing prices between regular lamps and solar lamps. Regular lamps consume electricity while solar lamps do not. Do not forget to include the running fees when you do the price comparison.

  2. To save money: Negotiate prices:
    In many of the superstores, the sales strategy is to negotiate prices with customers. Since you have done your homework on price comparison, you can go to any store and negotiate lower prices on both new and used items. Show the salesperson that you have shopped around and that you are knowledgeable about the product. Discuss with the salesperson some of the specials that the competitor has and demand the best price. You can even get 10 to 25 percent off on used items. You also can get extra 5 to 10 percent off if you buy several expensive items.

  3. To save money: Be aware of the salesperson selling strategies:  There different tactics that salesperson uses to make buy either more expensive product or items that are not on sale. One of their tactics is when a retailer lures customers in by advertising one product and then trying to switch them to another product that has higher profit margin for the store.

  4. To save money: Check the company’s return policy: even if you feel you do not need to return items that you bought, always check the store’s return policy. Sometimes you do not like the item that you bought, or it has extra features that you do not need, or it is hard to operate. Therefore make sure that you can return the item.

  5. To save money: Sales: Most products go on sale on regular basis, check flyers and daily newspapers for good deals. There are also seasonal sales, you can buy winter cloths by the end of the winter or you can buy an air conditioner in December. A lot of items go on sell due to economy changes if a real estate market  goes down for a while, then you can find a lot of special on furniture.

  6. To save money: Outlet Stores: You can always expect low prices from outlet stores since they eliminate the middle man

  7. To save money: Prepare yourself: Get all the measurements you need when you buy an appliance or furniture. Make sure that you have enough space to put the new item in, and make sure that your item would fit the door way upon delivery. Not getting the right measurement would cost you extra fees to return the item or exchange it.

  8. To save money: Financing: Be careful when you use stores’ financing, it is sometimes over 20% and it might double the price of the item that you buying. Instead charge your lower interest credit cards unless you see a good financing deal such as no payments or not interest for 6 months or a year. Whatever the case is always stick to the minimum payment and try to pay more than the minimum. If there is a good financing plan such as you do not pay for 6 months or so, try to get a discount by offering to pay cash if you have enough money.

  9. To save money: More discounts: Some stores give free stuff as a promotion in order to buy an item, or they give you an extended warranty. In case you do not need the extra warranty or the extra stuff, you can always negotiate the price of the item and get a good discount.


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