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Save money on Grocery

  1. To save money: Do not shop when you are hungry or when you are tired, you will buy more junk food and sweets that you do not need.
  2. To save money: Stick to the shopping list
  3. To save money: Read the grocery fliers, see what is on specials and clip coupons
  4. To save money: Get a rain check coupon if the item is gone
  5. To save money: Check your receipts, calculation mistakes always happen.
  6. To save money: Check the consumer protection regulations; you might have an item for free if a mistake in price occurs.

Always shop in different grocery stores, every store has different specials

Save money on Dinning Out

  1. To save money: Look for new restaurant that just opened or will open, they usually have grand opening specials and the food is very delicious.
  2. To save money: Look for lunch and dinner advertisements, especially two for one special.
  3. To save money: Schedule when you will dine out, do not do it on the spur of the moment.
  4. To save money: When dining out, avoid drinking soda or alcohol, you would save a lot of money.
  5. To save money: Go for lunch instead of dinner, usually lunch special is cheaper than dinner.
  6. To save money: Meals during the week are cheaper than meals on week end.
  7. To save money: Dine early, sometimes early bird meal is cheaper than the ones that are served on regular hours.

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